What’s Inside?


What’s inside of you man, what’s really inside

You’ve long since forgotten as you’ve tried to hide

But from who? What are you running from and of what are you afraid

Don’t you remember by who and how you were made

Who are you trying to please with all your facades

Who’s heart are you serving? You’ve too many gods

Please stop performing, please stop the act

Get off the stage with your dreams still intact

The world’s not all a stage, Shakespeare was wrong

Cut the strings man, quit singing along

Get busy living, or get busy dying

At the very least man, get busy trying

You’ve got to live, you’ve got to get up and do

And the best way to do that my friend, is to just be you

Not somebody else, who are they?

And why are we so quick to listen to what they say

I think maybe, they’ve been listening to too many theys

And some where they got lost along the way

Don’t read the script, in fact, forget it altogether

I’ve got to believe you were made for something better

You’re not a rat, you’re running a different race

A different direction, at your very own pace

What do you say, how do you feel, what do you dream?

And where do you turn when you start losing steam?

The bottle won’t help and there’s no magic pipe

And though the girl laying next to you might make you feel better for a night

Lonesome may come, as down goes the day

And tomorrow’s morning may seem so far away **

But the sun will rise, just as sure as it sets

You may be weary, but you’re not dead yet

And as you silence the alarm, and your feet hit the floor

What do you draw from, what’s deep in your core?

There’s a song in there man, there’s an artist inside

But for far too long, it’s been pushed to the side

Buried deep down under a rubble of fear,

Is everything that you love and hold dear

And that spirit of fear does not come from Christ

It’s power and love that he’s planted inside

The Truth is in there my friend, even if  it don’t seem so

And while you may feel lost, it’s important that you know

You’re _______ enough, just fill in the space

Despite the doubts that stream down your face

Don’t believe the lies of your unfavorable past

When we give them power, they continue to last

But the simple truth is, you is enough

And what the world needs, is more of us

Not the us, that they tell us to be

But simply put, more you and more me

So let’s get to it, let’s get up go

Burn the old script, and let’s put on a show

We can treat people just like they deserve

And we can weigh the power of a loving word

And once we get moving, our dreams can begin

Moving from our hearts into our lives my friend

We can have more of what matters most

But just like Peter, we have to first leave the boat

There’s no safety net, that’s all a mirage

We’ve got to stand boldly against the arbitrage

I am me and you are you

And at some point, we must believe that will do

So let it out, let it all out

Turn that whisper inside, into a shout

I need you, and so do they

Don’t hold back on what your soul has to say

What’s inside, then?

It’s time to find out

Much Love,


**From Bob Dylan’s Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie

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